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About Ip Man Wing Chun Malaysia

Ip Man Wing Chun Penang was established in 2010 to promote the art of Ip Man Wing Chun in Penang, Malaysia. In 2014, Ip Man Wing Chun Malaysia was established and has been awarded as a national status association. We are led by Sifu Aaron Boey, who is a second generation of the Ip Man Wing Chun lineage, a direct diciple of Sifu Ip Ching, son Grand Master Ip Man. Sifu Aaron received his training under Sifu Ip Ching at the Ving Tsun Athetic Assocition of Hong Kong, of which he is also a member and a registered certified instructor. Besides, Sifu Aaron also trained privately with Sifu Ip Ching at his home where Grand Master Ip Man used to live in.